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2008 - MX-5 - Body and Accessories


1. Remove the spring.

2. Remove the snap ring. (See Snap Ring Removal Note.) (See Snap Ring Installation Note.)
3. Remove the pin.
4. Remove the screws.
5. Remove the cover.
6. Adjust the clearance of part A by rotating the adjustment nut.


7. Install in the reverse order of removal.

Snap Ring Removal Note


1. Insert a tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver between the cover and snap ring, and remove the snap ring by prying along the perimeter so as not to damage the snap ring.

Snap Ring Installation Note

1. Insert the snap ring to the pin while slightly expanding the snap ring end using snap ring pliers.

2. After securing the snap ring, verify that there is no excessive play between the snap ring and pin.

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