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2008 - MX-5 - Engine



Rear HO2S Voltage Inspection

1. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.
2. Using the M-MDS, monitor the following:
3. Drive the vehicle and decelerate the engine speed by releasing the accelerator pedal fully when the engine speed is 3,000 rpm or more.
4. Verify that the rear HO2S outputs a voltage of 0.6 V or more, one time or more, then verify that the rear HO2S voltage (PID: O2S12) is 0.3 V or less while decelerating as shown in the figure.

Rear HO2S Heater Resistance Inspection

1. Disconnect the rear HO2S connector.
2. Measure the rear HO2S resistance between terminals C and D.

Rear HO2S Circuit Open/Short Inspection

1. Disconnect the PCM connector.
2. Disconnect the rear HO2S connector.
3. Inspect the following wiring harnesses for an open or short circuit. (Continuity inspection)

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