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2008 - MX-5 - Body and Accessories


1. Point the headlight beams to a wall and verify that the headlight beams are as shown in the figure.

2. Make a headlight adjustment screen as shown in the figure using double-weight, white paper.

3. Remove the bolt A and cut the front fog light hole cover at the position shown in the figure.

4. Adjust the tire pressure to the specification.
5. Position the unloaded vehicle on a flat, level surface.
6. Seat one person in the driver"s seat.
7. Line up the headlights with the white screen at a distance of 3 m {9.8 ft} apart.

8. Place an object in front of the fog light not being adjusted to block its light beam.
9. Start the engine so that the battery remains charged.
10. Turn the front fog lights on.
11. Loosen the bolt B, move the front fog light in the direction of the arrows, and adjust the center of the front fog light to the position shown in the figure.

12. Install the bolt A and tighten the bolt B.

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