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2008 - MX-5 - Body and Accessories



1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. (SeeBATTERY REMOVAL/INSTALLATION [LF].)
2. Disconnect the trunk lid wiring harness connector, then take the trunk lid harness out from the vehicle.

3. Remove the clips that secure the trunk lid wiring harness.

4. Pry off the stay damper band using a flathead screwdriver.

5. Pry out the connecting part of the stay damper and the hinge with a flathead screwdriver to disconnect them, then remove the stay damper.
6. Remove nuts A, then remove the trunk lid.

7. Remove nuts B, then remove the trunk lid hinge.
8. Install in the reverse order of removal.
9. Adjust the trunk lid. (SeeTRUNK LID ADJUSTMENT)

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