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2008 - MX-5 - HVAC


1. Inspect the refrigerant pressure. (See REFRIGERANT PRESSURE CHECK.)
2. Place a dry-bulb thermometer in the driver-side center ventilator outlet.
3. Start the engine and arrow it to reach operating temperature.
4. During pressure check, run the engine at a constant 1,500 rpm.
5. Set the fan speed MAX-HI.
6. Turn the A/C switch on.
7. Set to RECIRCULATE mode.
8. Set the temperature control to MAX COLD.
9. Set to VENT mode.
10. Close all the doors and windows.
11. Wait until the air conditioner output temperature stabilizes.
12. After the blower air is stabilized, read the dry-bulb thermometer.
13. Verify the ambient temperature.
14. Verify that the temperature reading is in the shaded zone.

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