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2008 - MX-5 - Transmission/Transaxle




1. Remove the bleeder cap from the clutch release cylinder, and connect a vinyl hose to the bleeder plug.
2. Place the other end of the vinyl tube in a clear container, and fill fluid in the container during air bleeding.
3. Working with two people, one should depress the clutch pedal a few times and then depress and hold the pedal down.
4. While the clutch pedal is being held down, the other person should loosen the bleeder screw, and bleed any fluid containing air bubbles. Once completed, tighten the bleeder screw.
5. Continue to perform Steps 3 and 4 until no air comes from the vinyl hose.
6. Tighten the bleeder screw.

Tightening torque
7. Fill the reserve tank to MAX with the recommended fluid.
8. Perform the following inspections:

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