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2008 - MX-5 - Brakes


Brake Pedal Height Inspection

1. Measure the distance from the center of the upper surface of the pedal pad to the insulator and verify that it is as specified.

Brake Pedal Height Adjustment


1. Loosen the locknut and turn the push rod to adjust the pedal height.

2. Tighten the locknut.
3. After adjustment, inspect the pedal play.

Brake Pedal Play Inspection

1. Depress the pedal several times to release the vacuum in the power brake unit.
2. Gently depress the pedal by hand, and measure the pedal play.


Pedal-to-floor Clearance Inspection

1. Start the engine and depress the pedal with a pedal force of 147 N {15.0 Kgf, 33.0 lbf}.
2. Measure the distance between the pedal pad center and the insulator, and verify that it is as specified.

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