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2008 - MX-5 - Suspension



1. Remove the flat tire from the vehicle, and let the air out of the tire.
2. Remove the wheel unit nut and push the remaining part of the wheel valve into the tire (with TPMS). Cut the tire valve by the root and push the remaining part of the wheel into the tire (without TPMS).

3. Insert the hose through the valve and into the tire. Stand the tire up so that the hose end sinks into the repair agent.

4. Pump out the repair agent.


5. Repeat the pumping procedure, changing the position of the hose end, until there is no repair agent left in the tire.
6. Remove the tire from the wheel and pick the wheel unit pushed in at Step 2 out.
7. Wipe off the repair agent remaining on the wheel, wheel unit and tire.


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